September 7, 2016


  • Academic Workshop for Teachers and School staff

    Teachers are one of the most important pillars of any academic institution. The teachers are the first mentor, guide, friend and counselor of every child.

  • Academic Workshop for Students

    The objective of these workshops and trainings is to help students enhance their self-awareness, their knowledge to deal with the developmental issues.

  • Workshop for Parents

    Home is the first school of a child and parents are the first teachers. Parenting impacts the child’s personality and development, and influence the behavioral and social learning of child.

  • Corporate Programs

    Customize Corporate training programs and workshops are organized in order to fill the gaps between competency based need and productivity oriented supply.

  • Relationship Focused Workshop

    Relationship is most meaningful element in life. However, the ability to have healthy, long, happy relationship is not inherent but is practiced and adapted.