September 11, 2016


Is offering more vegetables in employee’s cafeteria is the key to employee’s wellbeing. Companies are encouraging their employees to exercise and improve their body mass index, etc. however the employee’s mental health and wellbeing is till untouched. Happy employees leads to high productivity and stability in any organization and becomes a strength in the growth of the company.

THE PSYCHOLOGICAL SERVICES offers a “Corporate Mental Wellness Program” which focus on the mental health and emotional wellness of employees. Unlike blood pressure, cholesterol etc., mental health cannot be measured easily. Productivity loss, absenteeism, high attrition, delays etc. are few signs that employee need help. This program not only help employees to effectively deal with their emotional issues but also bridges the gaps between management and employees. This program includes:

  • Individual Employees counseling
  • Group Employee counseling
  • Psychometric Assessment- ability, aptitude
  • Assistance in joining after long break / sick leave
  • Effectively deal with challenging employees
  • Get high productivity and low absenteeism
  • Positive reinforcement
  • Work life balance awareness programs / workshops
  • Life Skills program