September 10, 2016

Academic Workshop for Teachers and School staff

Teachers are one of the most important pillars of any academic institution. The teachers are the first mentor, guide, friend and counselor of every child. It becomes important for institutions to encourage the professional development of their teachers and school staff and keep them updated with the changing trends and information. These workshops enable the teachers and school staff to deal with everyday issues of the students. THE PSYCHOLOGICAL SERVICES acknowledge the sensitivity required in dealing with children of different age group and provide teachers and school staff customized need base workshops and hands on trainings in the following areas:

  1. Class Room Management
  2. Bullying Management
  3. Work life balance
  4. Cultural sensitivity
  5. Lesson Plan Management
  6. Teaching with Technology
  7. Teenage Sensitivity
  8. Inclusive classroom
  9. Multi-Sensory Techniques
  10. Children Behavioral Management
  11. Team building
  12. Learning difficulties & Teaching Techniques